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aerospace and defense

At Collins Aerospace, we’re working side-by-side with customers to unleash the exciting possibilities we see before us. With a comprehensive portfolio, extensive capabilities and broad expertise, we’re crafting intelligent solutions to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market – all representing the best in innovation and technology for the industries we serve.

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Commercial Aviation

Cockpit to cabin, nose to tail, and across the flight experience, we are one of the world’s largest providers of aerospace systems, avionics, interior systems and information management services for commercial aircraft. Our solutions deliver enhanced passenger safety and comfort, maximized operational efficiency, secure and reliable connectivity and improved availability, maintainability and sustainability.


Business aviation

We partner with nearly every business jet manufacturer in the world to elevate the aviation experience. Our intelligent and connected cockpits help pilots fly more safely and efficiently. Our flight support services provide operators with a single resource for best-in-class flight planning, trip support and flight operations management. And our luxurious interiors, advanced cabin management and connectivity solutions create customized experiences for the most discerning travelers.

proven performance

Military & Defense

When lives are on the line, proven performance means everything. We deliver a broad spectrum of advanced, battle-proven solutions – in the air, on the ground or at sea, in both manned and unmanned platforms – that serve the warfighters of today and tomorrow. Our intelligent military and defense solutions help our customers complete their missions safely, efficiently and effectively.

advanced systems


As one of the world’s leading providers of advanced systems for commercial and military helicopters, we equip rotorcraft from all major manufacturers to help you save more lives, complete more missions and get more done.

unmatched capabilities


A new age of space flight has dawned, and we are at the forefront. Using our decades of experience in systems design and production for spacecraft, we’re leveraging unmatched capabilities to help ensure successful missions in the new frontiers of tomorrow.

global presence


The number of travelers is growing and so are their expectations of the airport experience. With a global presence at more than 170 airports, Collins Aerospace helps airports meet and exceed those expectations. We offer integrated and intelligent solutions for passenger processing and facilitation, airport operations and baggage management. And with a reputation as a master communications network integrator, we understand the flow of the airport is the flow of the industry.

a wide range

Other Industries

Network communications capabilities that keep trains on the track. Life rafts and life support systems that keep sailors safe. And even security and monitoring systems that ensure our communities’ safety. Our exploration and ingenuity stretches far beyond the boundaries of aerospace and defense to provide solutions for rail, marine and critical infrastructure.

aerospace & defense

We work side-by-side with our customers to tackle the toughest challenges in aerospace and defense.


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