Better by Design

Trig Avionics Limited was founded in January 2004. Their ambition is to provide the most innovative certified avionics products for aircraft owners and operators.

With a global network of over 700 Approved Trig Dealers in 42 countries, their popularity continues. A growing community of pilots appreciates Trig’s superior products and dedicated customer service. It’s all part of joining the Trig family.

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Product Range


Our Mode S transponders are ADS-B capable, each model has unique features only found in a Trig product.


Stack or compact our VHF radios bring the best design, functionality & communication capabilities to your cockpit.


Trig Audio Panels have a superior user interface and features that will make every flight a sound performance.


Our certified TSO-C190 antenna is ADS-B compliant, works with any Trig transponder and is lightweight and simple to install.


Trig’s certified GPS Receivers, add to your Trig transponder to exploit the visibility and safety that ADS-B Out provides.


Our TT26 is setting the standard, a fully certified ADS-B solution for serious UAS operations – one box four solutions.

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From an entrepreneur & Pilot

Trig’s CEO Andy Davis started the company back in 2004.

An entrepreneur and pilot, he set out to produce a solid state and energy efficient Mode S transponder. A new generation of transponders was required to meet a European wide mandate for Mode S. At the time aircraft owners had few options available, so Andy and his team changed this. Our resulting TT31 transponder set a new benchmark in quality, capability and value.

Service Centers

Trig Avionics Limited

They are committed to providing the best customer service. Trig has Trig Service Centers in Europe, Australia, and the U.S.

They offer prompt and responsive support throughout the lifetime of every Trig product. This helps to underpin their great customer reputation and ensures their future business success amongst those yet to discover Trig.

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Cooperation With Trig Avionics Limited

Trig has a ‘Better by Design’ philosophy ensuring products are simple to use, truly innovative and provide pilots with features that really matter. We have a strong commitment to helping our customers meet regulatory changes. Our free ADS-B STC program and free European Minor Change Approvals are used every day by our customers to get airborne, reducing the cost of compliance.


Your Dependable Partner