World Leader In Piston Engine

After over 75 years and 325,000 piston aircraft engines, the Lycoming name is still reliable and continues to retain its long-lasting features with no comparable technical support and service facilities.

Having continued to renew a proud heritage continuously, Lycoming has been producing more piston engines than other companies around the world to the general aviation producers, with a clear break in the piston motor market. Continues. Lycoming maintains its leading position in the global aviation fleet, including both fixed-wing air tools and helicopters.

Authorized Sales

Sole Representative in Turkey

Representing Lycoming Engines in Turkey, EMAIR is the only authorized sales distributor for the piston aircraft engines and spare parts.

Since 1845

Decades Of Pioneering Spirit

Today, Lycoming has become a company that is proud of its future as well as its past. We encourage you to keep an eye on the modern and exciting innovations and designs of the Lycoming.

Lycomıng Engınes

Our piston engines continue to evolve today as we develop advanced technologies to remain the power behind general aviation aircraft.


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