Aviation Solutions

With the most comprehensive lineup of avionics upgrades in the industry, Garmin offers solutions for most any budget and mission. Our avionics solutions help provide industry-leading capabilities, increase situational awareness and enhance decision-making like never before.

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur flying your own aircraft on business calls across a broad region or a recreational pilot who uses the plane to turn weekends into family adventures going with Garmin is the surest way to bring added confidence and efficiency to every flight you make. No matter which Garmin avionics solution you select, we’re committed to giving you world-class performance.

best and brightest

Flight Decks & Displays

For aircraft of all types and sizes, Garmin forward-fit and retrofit glass flight deck and flight display solutions bring the “best and brightest” to flight — streamlining control and presentation of performance data, navigation, weather, terrain, traffic, charts, flight plans, checklists and more.

industry leader

ADS-B & Transponders

As the industry leader in fielded ADS-B solutions, Garmin offers a full range of options for meeting global NextGen airspace requirements — with a minimum of downtime, cost and disruption to your panel. Whether you choose a dedicated ADS-B datalink or an extended squitter transponder solution, Garmin technology offers the ideal upgrade path.

better, faster and fully informed

Flight Instruments

Garmin digital and mechanical indicators, electronic displays and more help pilots make better, faster, more fully informed decisions in the cockpit by clearly displaying sensor inputs and aircraft systems information. These individual display components offer reliable replacement/upgrade solutions that scale to meet your mission requirements.

a full range of reliable

Navigation & Radios

From basic two-way VHF communications to the most sophisticated GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD systems that combine moving map navigation with touchscreen data entry, integrated radio tuning, frequency lookup, weather, traffic alerting, digital autopilot interface and more — Garmin offers a full range of reliable, work-saving, feature-rich avionics solutions.



Combining outstanding reliability with silky-smooth servo inputs and a full range of workload-reducing modes, functions and self-monitoring features, Garmin digital autopilot systems — available for retrofit or forward-fit installations — bring the latest in safety-enhancing flight control solutions to a broad spectrum of certified and experimental aircraft.

quality sound

Audio Panels

When things get busy in the cockpit, Garmin audio control technology can make a world of difference. For example, 3-D audio processing — featured on several of our products — helps pilots quickly identify the calls and inputs that need to take priority. With our Telligence^™^ voice control feature, certain functions can be activated simply by using spoken commands. Plus, rich “home theater” quality sound and wireless connectivity enable audio entertainment to be streamed via smartphone or other compatible devices.

current and forecast

Aviation Weather

Whether it’s live-scanned from your onboard Doppler digital radar, downlinked from a Sirius XM^®^ or Connext^®^ satellite, uplinked from an ADS-B ground network or more — Garmin offers plenty of options for accessing the current and forecast aviation weather information you need.

navigate safely in busy


To help pilots navigate safely in busy, high-density airspace, Garmin offers a full lineup of ADS-B enhanced Traffic Advisory and Collision Avoidance systems. Patented ADS-B target correlation technology, available with many of these systems, offers a comprehensive “see and avoid” traffic surveillance solution.

at your fingertips

Portable GPS, Wearables & Apps

Whether it takes the form of an app on your phone or tablet, a wearable on your wrist or a dedicated aviation portable device, you can always count on Garmin to put the best in GPS flight reference, mapping, weather data and more right at your fingertips.

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